I'm so tired

I'm so exhausted

I can't keep my eyes open


I can't keep pretending I'm okay

I can't keep pretending it'll all be fine

I can't keep lying


If I were to write a letter just before I died it would go like this:


I felt empty and cold

My smile went unknown

It's like hell has a grip on my throat in a tight hold

But you didn't save me

You didn't care

You forced me to pretend I was okay

You forced me to put on this mask that was fake

I wish you had listened when I gave you the signs

I left many hints that I was depressed

You left me behind

So all I can say is


You would go to my funeral and say I was a happy girl

HA! If I was happy why did I take my own life?

I wasn't happy

It was just pretend

I wish you had seen my pain

Now I'm dead

Now I'm gone

After I jumped I knew it wouldn't be long

Now my body is mangled

So is my hair

I wish mommy and daddy knew how I feel


That would be my final goodbye

I feel so empty and hallow

I'm just so tired

I am just ready to give up on it all

I'm exhausted

Just exhausted.

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