If I was prettier...

Maybe then I'd be happier.

Or people would like me

Maybe then I wouldn't stare in

the mirror and hate what I see

Maybe then a boy would notice me?

If I was a little slimmer 

Or if my chest was bigger

I'd be more attractive 

Maybe is my nose wasn't so big

Or if my thighs didn't jiggle when I walk

Maybe If I dye my hair 

Or put on more makeup

I'd be prettier

Maybe if I change my style

Or the slang I use

Maybe if I use colored contacts 

Or wear more revealing clothes

What if I style my hair?

Would I look better with short hair?

Would I be prettier?

Probably not.

I feel like I'm a dandelion 

Trying to be a rose

It's impossible

There's no way I'd be prettier.



  • Debsspot

    I am so sad that you feel like this. Who decides on those standards anyway? I spent my younger years feeling the same way. Wasted so long caring about what others thought of me. When i stopped caring and stopped giving off that "vibe" of someone not happy in her own skin my whole world changed to acceptance and "normality". It can be hard at first but it really does happen.

  • Goldfinch60

    Beauty comes from within, if people cannot see the beauty inside of you it is their problem, not yours.

  • Jooles

    Take it from someone that's older than you,
    You are pretty
    Boys don't stick around just for looks
    Looks fade
    What is pretty to one is not pretty to another
    Confidence, personality and humour will get you far and will get you there will honesty and good feeling
    Not make up, lack of clothes or changing who you are

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