w c

Traveling Man

Traveling Man


At first I drove on

With him standing there

But I turned around

And gave him money I could spare


He was from California

And wanted to go back

He had no money at all

But had a bottle in a sack


He said his name was Mario

And he shook my hand

And I felt good inside

That I could help this man


I felt like a winner

For the money I gave

And hoped he would buy dinner

And from booze stay away


The last time I saw him

He was headed somewhere new

With a bus ticket in his pocket

And a dollar bill or two




  • Goldfinch60

    Good write and caring though about a situation that should not be happening in this day and age.

    • w c

      Yes, G. It's a shame that a rich society can include individuals so poor.

    • orchidee

      A fine write w c.

      • w c

        Thanks, Orchi! I appreciate your support.

      • Jooles

        I enjoyed this. 😊

        • w c

          Thanks for your comment, Jooles.

        • Lorna

          My brother thinks I hate rich people..... I don't of course ... but I hate the greed that allows people to accumulate more and more and leave a man like this standing homeless in the road. So cruel.

          • w c

            Thanks, Lorna. It's a shame that wealth can't be more evenly distributed in our society...The richest of the rich possess so much. A little more help for the homeless would be the right thing to do. Some do offer assistance but others sit back and feel it's not their problem. To take from them and give to those so down and out would be beneficial for all.

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