We Need A Reformation (The Times They Are A Changin')

Come see, all God's people,
and all who are saved.
Look at the fallen.
It's time to be brave.
The devil is trying,
like a big tidal wave.
It's time for a reformation
Go witness to prisons
and help out the poor.
When your done spreading the gospel,
go spread it some more.
If all you do is talk,
you'll have to answer to the Lord.
For it's time for reformation.
For those without mothers,
for those without dads -
you can't expect from them,
if they never had.
We as Christians must represent the Lord,
in a world full of bad.
And we need a reformation.
All churches and preachers,
we must preach the word.
Some things I have against you,
are not that absurd.
We must be more vigilant,
knowing where and when satan works.
So we need reformation.
and we need a reformation.

Reformation begins in our hearts !
Every Christian needs to reform their LIFE
First a Closer Walk with GOD and a desire to
Openly proclaim the GOSPEL in the Home ~ Work
Reminding everybody to GET RIGHT WITH GOD and
Make a decision to trust in JESUS as SAVIOUR
And worship GOD in Spirit & worship Him in
Truth ! I believe if we are close to GOD and
IF our Churches are Happy & Harmonious and
OPEN and ABLE to receive NEW CONVERTS and
NEW PEOPLE Reformation & Revival will come !

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