Abuse of a smile

Abuse of a smile 

He grasped her arm, so tight a grip 

she betrayed his love with a boy of the pit 

The reckoning is coming, judgement day is here what will her fate be? Zion shall peer 

Twinamasiko uttered the words of a knave, you need to touch her abit, beat her 

the upmost pain 

‘‘twas only a smile that sentenced her grave 

yet it was her full attention that he sincerely craved



    WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thanks you for your first POEM ~ JEALOUSY is one of the Seven Deadly sins and DOMINANCE (over another person) is equally a SIN. I share this site with My FIANCEE ~ Angela (who is working in New Zealand) over 11 thousand miles from the UK : I will visit her @ Easter 2019 ~ but i trust her completely. However should she betray me ~ I would be interested in who it was she betrayed me with ~ BUT I would forgive her ~ OK.
    It seems to me (in your poem) the fact that it was "A Boy from the Pit" seemed more important than the betrayal itself ! Because he wanted to control her (and couldnt so he killed her). Such killings are common where Family Pride is besmirched ! Your poem did make me think ~ how would I react in such circumstances ? I pray that I would show compassion and forgive ! But perhaps the relationship would end ? Thanks for sharing. MPS works by reading & commenting on each others poems. please check our site. Yours BRIAN.

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