i asked the same question so much

i cant feel i want to talk 

but we cant seem to get in touch

most use relgion as an answer but i feel its a crouch

holy father where you been but in god we trust.

no disrespect intended.

I dont like to hide who i am and i have questions why must we pretend.

why do i lose the ones i love my family my friends.

nothing last forever but when does my nothing end.

what am i here for why do i exsist.

ironocly born a happy acciedent

condom broke i popped out what is this.

why do i want things i cant have 

dont get me wrong not materlistic for that im glad.

but i see something or someone i want but i reach out it slips through the cracks i have no grip i cant get hold i cant get a grasp.

maybe its better i didnt in the head im not right.

i dont care about me but what if i fuck up some elses life.

even though it hurts probably better off if im alone.

but i hate everthing about my self 

no care for my life i tried to take my own.

no its not i cry for help

because no matter how hard i try i stop myself.

Dear who ever in charge what do you want from me.

i can try but im not going to promise anything.

i have a knack for letting people down.

not one to fit in with the crowd

became a part time acholic never tried loud.

dissapointed myself again i hear the comedic drum.

my heart hurts cause its forced to be numb.

Ill accept the concequences if i get answers ill be waiting until that day comes.


  • Author: Dakota (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 15th, 2018 09:30
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 34
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  • AlinaVanderson

    you've got an absolutely wicked way with words, never lose this its phenomenal. Seriously embrace this as much as you can it's beautiful.

    • Dakota

      thank very much i mean it to the fullest thank you

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