Christopher Aaron

A Long Time Ago

I’m longing for home, it’s been way too long

Have I forgotten your face

After being together for so long

Side by side in the very same place?

In the very beginning we both were together

You gave me directions - I took your suggestions

You sent me down so I could learn

All on my own; for that I yearned

Now one step down from that Celestial town

Every time I fall--- please be there when I call

I called you ‘Dad’ then, I call you Dad here,

I’ll call you Dad once again…but if it’s not any bother

Let me call you Father

Dear Father… my Mother I know you love Her

Will you please send good weather

For that great get together when time comes to an end

When our new life begins- and all things become new

We’ll bid the old life adieu- what will the new life bring?

We’ll fly on angel’s wings…please save a spot for us

If it’s not any fuss we’ll get on the bus

And take it to the end… I can’t wait to see you my friend—

dear Father



---c aaron


  • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

    Christopher, this poem is so heartfelt and captures your family on this earth with the hope of you all meeting your spiritual Father at the end of this life.

    A great read. 🙂

  • Christopher Aaron

    Tamara thanks for your comments - some poets write fiction but this guy, even though the message isn’t specifically for him, (this one is) writes about things that are or could happen-

  • laurenroe

    Excellent write, beautiful read. Wonderfully put, thank you

    • Christopher Aaron

      Thank you Laurenroe for the comment--it is most fulfilling for me when someone else can feel what I felt when the poem was written.

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