I think keep your eyes closed it will block the tears

But they escape pushing past my eyelashes 

Running down my cheeks


This isn’t a story

Because stories are made up

This is fear of fright

Terror of night

Mission for light

This is life and death

Death and life


This is society at its worse

Conflict at its best

This is my life

This is your life

This is the world were living in

The world that’s living


But me

I’m not living

I’m alive 

The world

Becoming anti-socialites shielding themselves from the truth with their duvets and devices

Misusing self harm and the word anxiety 


The closest we get to knowing what’s happening

Is the pop ups of ‘latest news’

At the top of the screen

Brushed off with a swipe of a finger

To carry on with the mind numbing game


There was a time when life was addicting 

Live life to the fullest was once the worlds motto 

Never stop believing

Until you stop breathing

Now death is an escape 

Because heaven is the only place you can dream


Now don’t get me wrong

I would rather be alive

But rather be alive in some place better than here


I often find myself thinking

In a land far far away

Maybe people aren’t so fixated on their games

That’s where we belong

No responsibilities or fear

No dread

No pressure

No escaping tear


This is life

This is the life we all live

Society at is greatest

Society at its worse

Life is something you choose what you do with


But there is rules 

There is standards 

There is expectations

There is power

There is control

So forget what I said life isn’t freedom

Life is something you choose what you do with

But you can only chose black or white

Because if you chose grey

If you chose grey

No one know what happens

..... fill it in 




    WELCOME OLIVIA ~ Thanks for your first Poem which tells it like it is for so many TEENAGERS today ! Society has gone a bit mad there is so much crime etc (especially gangs of TEENS ~ mainly Boys ~ who carry and use knives just to show how macho they are) Gangs also terrorise Seniors (60+) and abuse them for a few pounds. Im out of my Teens now and engaged to Angela who shares my site. I work in a College with Students 17 to 30 so I am very aware that Life in the 21st C can be very frightening to grow up in. The thing is to choose your Friends carefully and stay out of TROUBLE as much as possible. Thanks for Caring & Sharing ~ every Blessing ~ Yours BRIAN & ANGELA Please check our Poems ~ Thanks B & A !

  • sarahlynne

    It’s good to express your feelings in poetry.m
    Teenage years can be difficult. Young people develop ideas, values and beliefs that are often different to those of their parents. This is part of the normal process of growing and moving towards independence. Each young person is an individual and needs different advice. Each young person, like you Olivia, needs to be heard and your feelings and ides respected.

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