That One Thing

You must have your convictions.

You must have your beliefs,

but only have one passion -

one that will always bring you relief.

No passion is better,

than a love for Jesus Christ.

The stronger your passion is,

then stronger is your life.

You will never,

have all the answers,

but to have something,

that you care about,

and something to stand for,

is how take your passion,

and be devout.



    J is for the JOY which Jesus gives me
    E is for His Everlasting Love
    S is Security ~ Peace & Pardon
    U is for the UNCTION from above
    S is for SALVATION which he purchased
    by His dying Love on Calvary

    Put them all together they spell JESUS
    The Saviour of the WORLD and ME !

    Thanks for sharing ~ ANGELA & I are
    always PASSIONATE about JESUS !.
    Yours as always BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡
    Please check THANKSGIVING and our latest FUSION ~ Thanks B & A !

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