The Retired Bloke


There’s a fear

Not of spiders

Or heights

Or snakes in the grass

Not of public speaking

Confined spaces

Dentists or darkness

There’s a fear 

Of missing out

Of what?

Of love

Of kids growing up

A fond kiss 

Of nature in its splendour

No it’s a fear

Of missing out on a selfie

With some C class wannabe

Of not living a life

Of someone we want to be

They call this FOMO

Caused by those who self promo

On Facebook Twitter, and Instagram

Who each day bathe in their glory

To let the world into their fake story. 


  • Goldfinch60

    In my long (ish) life I may well have missed out on some things but I have never regretted it as I am more than happy with the life I have.
    Good write on the fake world that people seem to call important in this day and age.

    • orchidee

      Yes Gold. KP does it all the time! Whatever made me marry her?! lol

    • orchidee

      Some 'celebrities' make us sick! Who cares about a jungle in Australia? There's obviously not much going on in the world then, if that makes the front page of newspapers - the trashy ones, I mean!
      And I am married to Kate Price (KP) supposedly, for the purposes of being on this poetry site! heehee.

      • The Retired Bloke

        I’ve got to admit if I were a celebrity I am sure there are better ways of making money than going to the jungle. I don’t even like eating cherries let alone kangaroo dangly bits!

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