Christopher Aaron

What Do I Believe

I believe first and foremost in God.
I believe in worshiping Him and in keeping His commandments
I believe wholly and unconditionally in my wife 
I believe in her purity, in her motives, in any and everything 
She tells me and confides in me 
I believe in her dedication to me as her husband
I believe the sun will rise every morning
I believe that the news on television, on the radio
And in the newspapers is not to be believed 
Without a personal knowledge of its veracity
I believe all plants need water to grow and flourish
And that plants, humans and everything living 
Will die if they don’t have water
I believe in death, that it is an unconditional
Occurrence that will take effect in plants 
In humans, animals and in everything that’s living
I believe in Christ and in a universal resurrection
From the dead. I believe in a Devil
I believe that he tempts all mankind 
And that He is our worst enemy
I believe in eating nutritional foods
I believe that the computer fulfills
The prophecy that in the last days 
‘Knowledge will cover the earth 
As the waters cover the sea’
I believe that you believe in yourself
As I believe in myself.
I believe that if a person doesn’t 
Believe and have faith he will 
Not progress much in this world
Or in the next.
I believe in being happy and
In doing good to my fellow man
In treating everybody with love and kindness
I believe there exists prejudice
In the minds of many, but I believe 
They are wrong and need to
Replace those feelings with love
And acceptance of all people
Regardless of race, color or
Religious preference.
And lastly, I believe I’ve 
Come to the end of listing
The things I believe in. Not that there 
Aren’t a multitude more, only that
I don’t have time to finish my list
Before I post this.

c aaron


  • Fay Slimm.

    Strong belief in the right way to view others is brought out so clearly in this honest appraisal of faith and action based on positive outlook on love as a vital to life on earth. First rate read and thanks Chris for sharing it here with us.

    • Christopher Aaron

      Thank you Fay for your evaluation and for reading. Yes, so many of us are 'into ourselves' so much that we neglect to see the rest of the world and its people, the importance they play in our lives and how they deserve the same love and respect from us and we feel we deserve receiving from them.

    • Goldfinch60

      Your beliefs are strong and will obviously always be with you, good powerful write.

      • Christopher Aaron

        Thanks for picking this one to read. Continue evaluating my stuff for me. I have seen your name many times and I appreciate your input. Kudos to you! And yes, I think those who have positive beliefs and live in accordance with those beliefs can also have a 'positive' influence in the lives of others and help strengthen those less positive and help them become a stronger force for good in our world.

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