I work so hard

I try to please

But I only make people mad

I wish I could just end this suffering

But when I try I'm stopped


My stomach tightens when I hear his name

I wish I had made him happy

I try to get over it 

I really do

Every time I see him he's with her

It's hurts


Why was I not good enough

Why couldn't I do anything right

Well of course no one wants to be with a depressed and suicidal girl

One who always hides

I try to hide from the pain

From all my problems though I know I can't


It's a struggle to get by

A struggle to continue living

Uncle Elmer might die

Lost aunt Cindy

I lose everyone

Soon my mom will die too

I can't handle this pain

I'm expected to not cry

To hold it all in


I'm only 16

Don't make me do this please

It's a struggle


  • laurenroe

    This is a beautiful expression of a terrible thing. Bravo

    • Cynthia

      thank you

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