Christopher Aaron

Atoms You Can't Trust


 Place your total faith and trust

In those things that are a must

If something doesn’t matter

And it doesn’t make you sadder

Then it’s really not important

You shouldn’t have to worry

And you probly’ won’t be sorry

Just be confident and sure

That the untainted yes, is pure

The outer must reflect the inner


Protons you can trust

Neutrons you can trust

Electrons you can trust

Molecules you can trust

Oxygen you can trust

Hydrogen you can trust

Nitrogen you can trust

Carbon you can trust

Atoms? You can’t trust atoms because

They make up everything.


c aaron






  • Edthepoet

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha

    • Christopher Aaron

      Thanks for reading. You know that if you pronounce the three groups of letters you wrote in Spanish together it comes out as... aaaaaaaaah -- so yes, ha ha ha (3 times) sounds a lot funnier!

    • Cali Kittana

      I live for science jokes. Most people would say "NaH" but not me!

      • Christopher Aaron

        Please don't kill me for saying this... you mean most people would say... "Sodium/Hydrogen"?

        • Cali Kittana

          I'm not sure why that made me laugh, but it did, so thank you. I know it doesn't make sense, but I guess at least with the Sodium, we could call them salty! (Even I groaned at that joke attempt, oh I need to go to sleep).

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        • Goldfinch60

          Those atoms can be so untrustworthy sometimes.

          • Christopher Aaron

            Give 'em a break. It's hard for them to be everywhere at the same time!

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            GOOD MORNING CHRIS ~Thanks for your ODE to atomic Structure ! Atoms are the fundamental Building Blocks of the Universe and Mendeleev managed to arrange most of the 92 Natural Elements (Hydrogen to Uranium) into his (still used today) Periodic Table of Elements. This was 50 years before the even more fundamental sub-atomic particle Protons (+ve) Electrons (-ve) & Neutrons (1932 & neutral) has been discovered. Each of the 92 natural Elements O H N C etc and the millions of Compounds (molecules) formed from them are the same throughout the Universe and CAN BE TRUSTED as can p e & n. Dalton said Atoms cannot be destroyed ~ BUT ~ now we know the can be split (with devastating consequences as in Hiroshima & Nagasaki) and can be transmuted even LEAD into GOLD. So Atoms lost their status of incorruptibility ~ THEREFOR Philosophically I defer to Your Statement that ~ YOU CANT TRUST ATOMS ! Thanks for sharing ~ please check MY ROSES ~ Yours BRIAN.

          • Christopher Aaron

            Thanks Brian for you synopsis. I look forward to your remarks because they take a lot of time to read and make me take out my dictionary & use Google to understand and investigate some of the concepts you are passing along!

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