December 7th @4:45 pm...I Was In A Car Accident

Writings From The Unknown13

December 7th...

4:45 pm...


license plate gone...

grill gone...

bumper damaged...

radiator fluid leaking everywhere...

all of this is from a car accident.

my best friend in the drivers seat and i was in the front passenger seat...

no one got hurt..

well maybe....

i started to feel pain on sunday afternoon.

is it from the underwire on my bra and the seat belt from the impact that is causing this pain on the edge of my rib cage?

who knows? i dont.

it could be from the car accident but nothing a dr can really do about it other than say "take some pain relievers"

it was my first real car accident...

my life flashed before my eyes.

the moment before we hit i had hope my best friend would be able to stop in time...

but we got closer and closer and it happened so quickly...

we had the right of way,

we t-boned the other car that turned after another car had already cut us off without a blinker and then the car behind that turned without a blinker and thats when we hit.

i was scared to get into another car the next day but i did and i was ok.

ive had a headache on and off since friday.

at first it was because of the shock but now im getting headaches whenever i think about it over and over again.

i kept replaying it in my head over and over again.

im getting small anxiety attacks and now everytime i see someone run a stop sign, a red light, switch lanes without a blinker and turn without a blinker i say to myself..



December 7th 2018

one week after my 18th birthday...


December 7th @4:45 pm 2018


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