Confused and Crushed

My bones freeze at the site of you.

I cant move, then what do I do?

The chill of your presence leaves an after burn.

A freezer burn; my tummy turns.

I know I was never completely open.

I hid, I held back. 

Not every word was spoken;

you never truly came back.

Now who am I?

To far to say hi, so embarrassed, so shy.

Your sorrows you shared; your pains I barred.

I absorbed your darkness, let it beat me inside.

You became your illness and that's "why" I cried.

I gave you love and you gave me silence. 

I prayed to above and ultimately came to compliance.

You said things that hurt me and I never said a word.

I was quiet as a mouse when I should have chirped like a bird.

Now I see you happy with her;

my heart is cracked and you forgot me Im sure.

Things you did, they worried me no doubt.

I got caught in your fake reality and forgot what love was really about.

Yet, Ill never forget your eyes, the way they sunk into mine.

Comfortably deceiving; constant with your manipulative cries.

We were not fine.

I was a fool for you, nothing more nothing less.

I was a puzzle to do, a distraction from your imprisoning stress.

You truly destroyed me, you haven't one clue.

You stole my entire heart and I totally got screwed.

So thanks for not caring.

I surely learned my lesson about sharing. 













  • Red

    This is brilliant! I felt each word! ❤️

    • JaynieJo

      Thank you! I appreciate your comment and ability to relate.

    • Simon Bromley

      Extremely well done. Felt your pain and frustration throughout.

      • JaynieJo

        Thankyou so much. I appreciate any feedback

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        HI JAYNIE : Welcome to MPS ! Thanks for your first poem : full of energy & rhyme & rhythm ! But a very sad & tough message. I was 19 a few yeras ago and I know just how fickle Teen Boys can be. They take and then walk away (however nice we have been to them) leaving us sad. As GIRLS we are expected to get over these things and bounce back : but its not easy ! I am now engaged (for the first time) to Brian : who I share this site with. He is agreat GUY ! MPS is an empathetic site and you have had some very nice replies.
        Every Blessing for the future : Yours ANGELA
        Please check our site : thanks.

      • AmandaJade

        "You said things that hurt me and I never said a word.

        I was quiet as a mouse when I should have chirped like a bird."

        You go girl!! Silence can truly be the most damaging... but I can tell that you have a beautiful soul. Great job love!

        • JaynieJo

          Thank you Amanda! 😊 Silenece certainly does. Happy holidays!

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