What You Do


So I hear you've lost someone dear
Someone who was always there
If you had a problem he'd always care
So why now is anything different


A ghost in your heart
An arrow missed the mark
It took only a spark
To send you back to the start


So I hear you blame yourself
But get that out of your head
Looking for regrets won't help
How about think of this instead


You have some kind of love
That kind comes from above
You may feel lost now
But trust me you'll be found


You will make it through this
Inside I know you must know it
You're still a pretty little poet
So why now is anything different


  • orchidee

    I suppose the thing is to remember them while they are here. We shall still grieve for them when they've gone, but we won't have regrets of 'If only I had...' or 'I wish I had..' when they were alive.

  • prettylittlepoet

    This really touched me❤️

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