Alone Again

It starts with just a glance

Passing through the hallways

Looking for an unknown reason

As soon as you see them you realize why


Just the slightest contact between you feels like a wave

A wave crashing down on you but at the same time feels right

This moment in time feels like a maze

But once you’re free

You’re trapped once again


The times of sorrow are times alone

Times without those by your side

The times where your not sure

Not ready


Even after that hill you start over again

With on and off

On and off

Confusion takes over


Not knowing what is right

Not knowing what to do

Not knowing how the other feels

Losing everyone around you


You pull away from others

In confusion

In sorrow

In hope to recapture that spark


Then things look up

Things seem to start going well

Things that are blinding you from your real vision

Once you rip off that blindfold

You see the truth


You hear those two words

The two words that mean so much and so little

The two words that only hold so many lies

The two words that mean The End

Just Friends


Your stomach drops

Not knowing what you did

Not knowing what to say

Not knowing weather to be strong or weak

You say “I understand”


Wishing just wishing you could say more

I understand that you feel this way

I understand I don’t feel this way

I Don’t understand why.


Getting home to an empty house

Trying to tell the friends you no longer have

That is the hardest part

You realize what will happen

You miss being with them

You miss sleeping by their side

You miss talking to them hours into the night

You miss being able to love them

But you know that you will never see them again


  • Goldfinch60

    Sad emotive write, the right person will be with you soon.
    Welcome to MPS.

    • arcticwriting

      Thank you for the warm welcome!

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