WILL TWO O ONE NINE : find a solution  

To Global Warming & Pollution ?

Will Mister Trump (God bless his soul)

Stop building Walls  & burning Coal ?


Theresa May has plans for BREXIT 

Then Boris Nonsense comes and REXIT ! 

Counting her YEN : at the Worlds expense !


What is the EARTHS life expectation

Choked by plastic desecration ?

It cant last long with such dispersa

lndustries Plastic Dress rehearsal !


We wont revert to ECO~LIVING

So Mother Earth is UNFORGIVING !


Thanks for visit : comments welcome : Love A & B 🧡🧡🧡

  • Author: ANGELA & BRIAN (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 31st, 2018 02:59
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  • orchidee

    A fine write B&A. It may seem old or old-fashioned, but real, everyday life situations - the hymn- line: 'Tidings......to an old and weary earth'


      THANKS UNCLE STEVE ~ This OLD & WEARY EARTH has been through many cycles in the last few million years. However when GOD created Life on Earth he established a perfect symbiosis of FLORA & FAUNA to maintain an ATMOSPHERE rich in OXYGEN (21%) and poor in CO2 (just 250 ppm). And GOD saw that everything was excellent ! This level of CO2 maintained the average Earth temperature @ 15 C, CO2 is now 450 ppm and temperature is 16 C and rising ! Planet Earth is VERY UNIQUE in the Solar System and the Milky Way ~ There is NOWHERE ELSE TO GO ~ BE GREEN ! Thanks B & A 🧡🧡🧡🧡
      Please check our FUSION on N Y Resolutions ~ Thanks B & A !

    • Fay Slimm.

      A haunt of a read with the graphic and number bearing out these dire warnings - - pray this world sees sense before the new year comes to its end.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        THANKS FAY : Its already 2019 here in Auckland : we are one of the first Countries to welcome the New Year ! It was warm (19 C = 66 F !) so every one was down on the Beach and the Harbour the Bridge and the Tower were all lit up with Fireworks and it was really warm (compared with Essex) so they are still singing and dancing and toasting the NEW YEAR ! It was as wonderful as BRIAN had told me : but I wish he was here with me ! NZ is a Nuclear Free Zone so we have thousands of Wind Turbines to reduce the use of fossil fuels etc. The Air Quality is very good ! There is a Global Consensus about Climate Change : but none of us want to give up our Hitech lifestyle. I fear for any Children & Grandchildren we may have !
        Blessings & Love : ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡

      • Michael Edwards

        And will it ever be thus? Our politicians are failing us demonstrably. For example (whether you a Brexiteer or a Remainer) it was 2 years ago we voted for Brexit and with just a couple of months to go they are waking up to the fact that we need to need to plan for a full withdrawal which is what we voted for in the first place. Grrrr. In the meantime matters of planet conservation are not even on the back burner.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks UNCLE MIKE : Its already 2019 here in AUCKLAND : Its very warm (19 C = 66 F) so everyone is still singing and dancing on the beach. The firework display (Tower & Harbour Bridge) was awesome : wish Brian was here with me ! NZ does its bit to avoid Climate Change : Nuclear Free and thousands of Wind Turbines : I love them but the Maoris hate them ! NZ has cut back on fossil fuels to generate electriity. The problem is none of us wants to cut back on Hitech lifestyle : the population and urbanization are both increasing : Ill be 112 & Brian 117 in 2100 but I fear for our future offsprings. The majority of Politicians dont understand CLIMATE SCIENCE especially TRUMP !
          Love & Blessings for 2019
          Angela & Brian 🧡🧡🧡🧡
          Is BEXIT still on ? Id forgotten about that (JOKE ?)

          • Michael Edwards

            Trump understands very little - I'm being generous - yes it is future generations which will suffer our folly.

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          • Cali Kittana

            It's such a sad thing to think about. But at this point, the people tend not to care because scientists claim we can live in space "soon". And then we can "start over". And possibly ruin another planet? I only hope that we will focus more on solar and reusing if humans do venture to new planets! It's up to us, the citizens! I saw a news story the other day about the "plastic catcher" that's roaming the ocean, and how it's not helping! The creators of it even spoke of how they built it wrong so plastic is escaping! Following it with all these other boats. Maybe try to not use some new, big machine in the water, and take smaller steps? Instead of building a great big machine and rebuilding and replacing it every mistake, which could take years and years, take smaller steps that make a bigger difference! We need more people to pay attention, more cities, more states! I grew up going to a private beach every summer and still found litter in the sand! You won't let outsiders in, yet you destroy your own beach? I pity this poor Earth and anyone who treats it poorly. Sadly, a lot of eco ways are not possible everywhere just yet (My poor apartment only runs on oil heat). But our schools and even our firehouses are starting to switch to solar and Geo-thermal! If a small, farm town can do it, why can't more cities take steps? Is it because we have less people? Is it because most of our land belongs to the farms? Even the farmers are finding litter in their fields from people walking by! We thankfully have people who walk down the streets and pick up bottles and cans (If you don't want your bottle deposit, they do!) and I'm always the one picking up the cigarette butts in the yard. It's sad, but people these days just don't care. (Sorry if this was such a big ramble, it's not often I get to express how I feel about the current state of the planet).

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              THANKS CALI ~ For becoming my MPS Friend & thank you for your very full comment on my DOOM & GLOOM Poem ! I am an Environmental Scientist and have some knowledge of these issues. Our neighbouring PLANETS ~ Moon : Venus : Mars lack OXGEN : liquid water and are too hot or too cold for human habitation : THERE IS NOWHWEREELSE TO GO if Planet Earth becomes UNINHABITABLE ! We are already in MELT DOWN : ice caps : too much plastic : global warming and increasing Population & Urbanization etc. Nobody wants to revert to 19th C subsistence living but we may have too ! I have travelled in the USA and the small rural Towns (amd States like IOWA) seem more environmentally friendly than the big Cities like New York : Chicago & Los Angeles etc. The Native Americans lived in HARMONY with Nature and so should we ! Im 35 and ANGELA is 30 so we should still be alive in 2070 and so will you. At the present rate the planet should still be OK but by 2100 much worse ! Angela & I are engaged to be married in 2020 but I fear for any Children we may have ! Thanks for your interest ~ Your MPS Friend BRIAN.

              • Cali Kittana

                Science has always fascinated me, but not enough to make a career of it. And very true! Even though people think we can create these "Dome Environments" to try and sustain life, there are many flaws with them still! And even though we have found other planets in other galaxies that seem just like our Earth, it would take YEARS for us to get to them! If not CENTURIES! These flights would take GENERATIONS of families! I try not to use as much plastic (And when I do, I reuse it constantly! I've been using the same plastic water bottle for work for a couple of months now, just takes a quick rinse out before being used again!) And I love all these countries who are taking plastic waste and turning it into other wonderful things! I believe it was Sweden who is using theirs to make ROADS? It's cheaper and doesn't get as hot as regular pavement! Our town does a good job of trying to be environmentally friendly, yet there are people who just don't care! I am very pleased every time I see or hear someone talking about SOLAR! And even in my home we try to lower our Carbon Footprint! Making more homemade things instead of buying them at the store (Nothing tastes better than bread made at home!) Using paper rather than plastics! There are simple things that EVERYONE can do! Reusing shopping bags is a big one more people need to do! I know there are some places in the USA who want to make it so you're charged for the bags instead of bringing your own to try and convince people! And my local grocery store has a program where you can bring back your bags and so the store can reuse them! It's fascinating and I LOVE that places are thinking like this! Since I work in retail, my favourite thing is when people bring their own bags! I'm always disappointed when I have to refill my bags (Although the company keeps making our thinner and thinner in a ways to try and phase out using them and so people have to bring their own!) I had one lady tell me to just try and CRAM everything into one bag! Even she was saddened when her bag ran out of room and we needed the plastic! I'm even more glad by the people who buy two or three things and say they don't need a bag! Bless them! I do miss the days (Even only ten years ago!) When the world was much more conscious about how we treated it! But now the world seems very materialistic and so more things must be pumped out and more packaging is used! And then there's the people who improperly dispose of electronics and get all the battery chemicals mixed into the soil! I try my best to convince people to pay the extra money to save the planet, or to give the things to different places to recycle the product! There's a computer repair store a few towns away from me and he'll take almost any computer he can to use for parts! If your battery is good and your screen is dead, he'll take your battery to use in the same model computer that might've needed a new one! He also does WONDERFUL repairs to really old laptops to make them try to run as good as new ones! There are so many things people are disposing of incorrectly! It's saddening! I would hope that by 2070 the world is IMPROVING! That more people will open their eyes and see what is going on! That there are real problems going on in the world! I live in a state that normally has AT LEAST two feet of snow by December! We've seen snow maybe once since October! And it wasn't even an inch! We're already seeing it around the world, not just in the ice caps! I too fear for future generations! Unless we do something fast, we may end up like those science fiction shows and movies where people are forced to live in climate controlled domes! Those things we wish to have built for life on other planets! I only hope time will show the people that change needs to be done and change can be possible! You are quite welcome for the interest, I am a very passionate person where politics and the heath of our planet are concerned!

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