Troublesome Year

A moment in the silence I sat

everyday to question myself

how this all came to be

with strings around my heart

making me bleed

the tighter they got

for every color that decided to cut

the string would still stay there

with questions untold

and trust gone

how could this happen

one day smiling

the second drunk

and the third gone away

in someone else arms

but this made me think


realise many things about myself

that I was bad blooded towards myself

so I stand not on the edge


by the bottom of the bottle

I stay up for myself


the work I can create

with my own hands

the people around me

that I meet

have taught me so many things

have experienced so many things

have felt it


being a witness

I can only try to prevent what I know


what I felt with my own darkness



so I will stop looking back


look forward towards someone

that gave a new light

we are both insane in our own ways

is that insanity that got us together

we understand each other


make dumb jokes

we have found acceptance

in each other

no worries

no problems

just us two

smiling towards a future

that we can call our own

because I fell in love

with a goddess with a dark secret

having the knife close to my heart


''Is alright, no need to worry'

''I'm here for you and no one else''

''So if you cut deep, I'll find forgiveness''

''Because this is my way to say stop worrying''

''For you it is the past, but for me it is the future''

''So when the clock hits zero, I'll already be here waiting''

''Seeing the fireworks fly into the sky, while we sit here on the mountain''

''Even if we stumble and fall, I'll be ready to stand up to pick you up with my hand''

''So lets smile together and create something no one can replace, a future that is ours.''


Because ''I'' who have seen it all

won't forget


can't forget

those who walked away

but I can forgive and embrace

for every friend that I have lost

is a friend that could have been here

but is instead faraway with another

with reasons untold

so have a good day


a happy new year

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