Paint me a picture?


Now who will paint me a picture?
With inks or pastels or words
Immortalise my treasure in scripture
Play me music that longs to be heard

Let's split the pyre with spitfire sure shot hallucinations
claiming quantum domains with my Samhain brigade
arsenic repercussions leaves you concussed from these clusterbombs induced by a hunger to bust the greatest nutt.

Stretched beyond absolute probability
we stomp through realms stenciling accolades
of collective futility searing the tertiary eye
of Cyclopean puppet masters
lost in the sauce of pitter chatter
dropping monolithic paradigms
as a polyglot prism crowning chitter patter
derivatives for their sins to drown in...
a conglomerate uprising signifies
the screech of a new world order
we bark orders in diseased pits
of busted piths as one nation of
fable crusading marauders
ambassadors of blessed slaughter.

Which parts of me crept into your possession
As your artist's pen pulled from me my final confession
Sweep me up with your chaos and into your fire
I stepped into your painting now I'm lost in your mire

I paint with my brush.
I write with my pen.
Same hand, same wrist.
I capture my thoughts.
I employ my ideas.
One mind, one soul
I conceive
I devise
I create.

  • Authors: sylviasearcher, Whisperingquill, Michael Edwards
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  • Finished: January 17th, 2019 09:30
  • Limit: 8 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Okay I'm being self indulgent with this one.... I will look foolish if noone indulges me and well full of woe? In need of beautiful words ...
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