A Self Fulfilling Prophecy

I’ve read about the calmness 

That overcomes you 





When drowning has finally won 


This serene Shakespearean narrative 

Told by those few

Brought back 

From the brink 


I refuse to believe this tale 

Convinced I’d be in pure hell






That I could still win 


I refuse to believe that by giving up 

The pain goes away

I will fight with every cell I have 

Until it all goes black


 - my eyes won’t shut forever due to a lack of will and fight 


  • nicolibellamont

    Ive researched people who have survived suicide attempts and how they describe it from their perspective. This one guy who survived after jumping from the san francisco bay bridge said he immediatly regretted it. Still tho i wonder how it feels when you do finally let go..

  • Laura


    Spot on my friend!
    There is NO
    “lack of will and fight”
    within you!

    I Love this inspirational write!
    It radiates with positivity!


    • TrystanBehm

      Thanks Laura - I still have a lot of fight left within me - because of good friends, family and trust in many people looking down above me. We all need support to find our own fight!

      • Laura

        Yes, indeed!
        You are young, strong and blessed to trust in the “many people looking down above” you...and your family and friends you trust! My faith is in you and your commitment to rise above it all!
        All the best to you, my friend! 🤗

      • psychofemale

        yes you have to fight, don't let the demons win, they will try their hardest.

      • Claudelle DeLuna

        Powerful poem!
        Vibes of determination!
        The earth bound to proceed with its cycle.
        Best wishes,

      • Goldfinch60

        You must always fight the negatives in life and go forward with the positives.

      • orchidee

        If it wasn't such a serious theme, I might say 'Oohh, it's a nuisance; it's holding up the traffic on the bridge; can't ya come back tomorrow when there's less traffic?' (Bit of dark humour there!)

      • dusk arising

        "Do not go gentle into that dark night,
        Rage, RAGE against the dying of the light"
        By Dylan Thomas

        Evocative writing.

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