In All Honesty

I'm hoping it's just a phase you're going through

Waiting to break through, break loose

from everything we created


They don't know you like I know you

They just assume the worst in all you do


But me, I try to see hope, maybe I'm a fool for it

I distract myself and pray things get back together 



Hoping love will conquer everything

that exists between us

Everything that separates us from time and each other


I believe in me and you

No matter how bad things seem to get

and I know I sometimes lose control

and put myself in the worst of situations


but in all honesty, it's because I'm scared to death I'll lose you


  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Nice poem!
    Best wishes,

  • fuche_bu

    nice poem and good luck with the relationship.

  • Cooper

    Nice. Feels real. Thanks for sharing.

  • psychofemale

    thank you all :) that means more than you know!

  • whisperingquill year new beams
    Stay focused....really crafted beautifully

  • Goldfinch60

    The love is there and will conquer all your fears.

  • orchidee

    OK, I'll stay. Ya won't lose me. I'll hang around like a.....bad smell?! lol.

  • psychofemale

    haha thank you both :)

  • friendsaresuicide


  • psychofemale

    thanks :)

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