I've always wondered what its like to live a different life
to be a different person
I might actually get to be someone I would like
I might like myself they way I am but I can't figure out how to change myself for the better
and sometimes I think I'd be better off dead
that would world would be a better place without me
that I could die and no one would care
sometimes I wish I would just cests to exists
I don't want to kill myself
but if death came for me I wouldn't try to resist


  • Every single day I think about killing myself.
    I just can’t bring myself to do it
    But it’s been hard for me to live my life because I can’t get over my past
    All we can do is enjoy life while we still here and be the person you wanna be
    Don’t let anything or anybody stop you from being who you wanna be

  • whisperingquill

    "My only fear of death is coming back reincarnated" Tupac Shakur

    Death is just another interval
    Pure energy awaits
    Or the cycle of life again
    Depends on how many deaths you already kissed

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