Rambunctious Bunch


Too young to die and too old to care

Theta was here, he met these things that we call a teenagers, much spunk and angst radiated from these beings, Theta accepted them though for he understood that they are just angry and afraid of life all at the same time.


  • I can take on the world they say but they are just in a mood

Rowdy and energetic these adolescents are misunderstood

  • One second they are invincible the next a delicate shell

At times they feel empty and sad and why they can not tell

  • The reason is that they have now realized life

Anxiety has struck them and they don’t want to die

  • Don’t want to die alone or even without purpose

They feel like the world is against them and feel that they are left deserted

  • They build a wall and they put on a mask to protect themselves

They start to shout at the world so they won’t become overwhelmed

  • They shout to drown out there issues and insecurities they see in the mirror

After they are done they are more calm and can now see clearer

  • I pat these people on the back for each one of them is beautiful and unique

I am glad they shout instead of taking it out on themselves and starting knife streaks

  • For self harm is horrible and distasteful and isn’t necessary

For these people are just lost in their minds and in woe they are buried

  • So here is to the noisy ones let them shout at the world and have their fun

For they shout at their demons and the world until the day is done


  • Author: Ernie (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 9th, 2019 11:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: Good morning and or afternoon (Whenever you read this). As always feedback is welcome have a good day. -Theta
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  • Aislinn Wilson

    There really is a serious vulnerability and anger that comes with the teenage experience. Thanks for reminding me in the best and worst of ways.

    • Netashi

      I'm glad you liked it Aislinn thank you for the kind words

    • Crystal Hope

      This was really greatly done. Excellent poem.

      • Netashi

        Thank again for the generous input

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