A First Line, Please

The very first line is all I need.
From there I can fly with incredible speed
as words just appear and fall into place.
I can fill a page all in the space
of a minute or two, line after line,
meter and rhyme, what a lovely design.

Writing a poem is not a hard task.
Just sit down to write and continue to ask:
"What in the world shall I write today?
A sonnet, a jingle, just let the words play
and see how they fall on my clean, white page.
It's a poet's conundrum, age after age."

So here I sit.  It's dark outside.
Let it be known, I really tried
to create a poem that soars with the dawn,
but my mind is so cloudy; excuse my next yawn.
It's not beneath me to beg and to plead:
a first line is crucial so I can proceed.

Do you happen to have a first line or two?
I'll be forever indebted to you.


  • Michael Edwards

    Gave me a smile - it's the same with my artwork - get that first mark on the paper and I'm off - great write and super meter.

    • DesertWords

      Thanks for the kind words. Strange, isn't it, how good it feels to get the right start.

    • orchidee

      Well, I often put the title in last - over 90% of the time!

      • DesertWords

        Same for me. It's the first line of the first stanza that starts me off. Thanks for commenting.

      • A.H. Browning

        Thank you for your writing here.

        • DesertWords

          My pleasure. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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