The Retired Bloke

The Mask

Don’t hide behind your mask

Be brave let your feelings fly free

Let the world see you for what you are

Not what you think the world wants to see

Beauty lies within you, deep inside

Not what is plastered upon your face

Wisdom comes with years

Be proud of those years

Sketched indelibly upon your face

You are unique, a miracle of your existence

Not an homogeneous clone

Be proud of who you are 

Hug life and you will not be alone. 



  • orchidee

    A fine write RB. Yes, ugh, who wants to be like 'celebs'?!

  • sylviasearcher

    Oh I am forever working the dishevelled look!

    Yet I wear a mask of a different kind.
    The one I hide my fears behind.

    Got this crazy talking in rhyme thing going on.

    Thanks for sharing. The youth today are under a lot of pressure. I'm glad social media was after my youth.

  • Goldfinch60

    We all wear masks to some extent depending on what situation we find ourselves.

  • psychofemale

    very true words you have here

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