Theta the scholar

The storm before the calm


Theta was here, praising humor for it a wonderful and whimsical thing and it focuses on making people forget their troubles to find the  humor in something or poking fun at a topic.

  • A chuckle a wheeze and maybe even a snort

This has said to be the best medicine and i do support

  • I use this tool on my friends and loved ones

I use it on myself as well it spawns an endless amount of fun

  • For jokes combined with a play on words is art

For a slur of words is also welcomed or even the generic fart

  • For comedy can be used to improve a day or drown out problems

This is only a temporary remedy for it does not solve them

  • I feel I’m ok at this topic for its what I use to make people happy

This is how I communicate and make friends quick and snappy

  • For its nice to meet people with a jollier side then most

It’s also entertaining fun to banter between the quick witted over butter and toast

  • So I wish you find these people in your life for their words hit like a truck

But don’t go in search of them for they will drift into your life with a stroke of luck



  • Medusx

    I love your writing

    • Theta the scholar

      Thank you for the kind words and im glad someone enjoys something i create

    • Goldfinch60

      Laughter is a wonderful healer.

      • Theta the scholar

        Indeed said to be the best medicine and the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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