I am alone.

The realisation of having no one is finally hitting me, I shut myself out completely and spend most my time talking to the sea.

The waves crashing around me used to keep me company, But now my storm has gone, so are the waves.. my life is empty.

Talking with waves is not the same as people, waves will stay when it gets rough but people run away. Which is why the friends i would make, would never know the real me.. in hope they might stay.

Its sad that i live in a world where i couldnt have friends and also be myself. I guess thats the sacrafice i make unless i want to be my oneself.



    THANKS BILLIE ~ For a paradoxical Poem. The conflict of letting OTHERS into our LIFE and wanting to be ALONE. We live in a very CROWDED WORLD and the UK is a very crowded Island ~ each AMERICAN has 15 times more space than we do ! One of the (many) objectives of BREXIT is to control immigration from EUROPE !
    However I have learned how to be ALONE without being LONELY ~ YES one can be oneself ! Thanks for sharing ~ please check our site ! Yours BRIAN

  • Goldfinch60

    Very emotive write, I am sure that one day soon somebody will be there for you.

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