Beauty of Silence

They say what’s understood

Is better left unsaid 

Constant tremble at the thought 

Of you hanging by some thread 

Constant reassurance 

Needed desperately in my head


They say words are meaningless

Actions sing a song 

Like blooming asters in a meadow

No expression is needed 

to know where you belong  


Smothered in obliviousness 

Every answer 

Planted upon my lips 

Every question

Satisfied with a kiss

Why don’t I let myself fall in simple bliss?


The smile upon your face 

Reassures me it’s okay 

Your eyes gazing in my direction 

Whisper you’ve always been halfway

While at the end of the day 

As your body drifts to sleep

Silence holds more beauty than our mouths could ever speak 


  • Candlewitch

    wonderfully expressed!!!

    *hugs, Cat


    WELCOME TARA : Thanks for your first Poem ~ Some MEN are very quiet ~ but actions speak louder than WORDS ! Love the MUSIC !

    Its amazing how He can speak to your heart
    Without saying a word He can light up the dark
    Try as you may you can never explain
    What you hear ~ when He dont say a word
    He says it best when He says nothing at all !

    Please check our Site ~ Thanks

  • psychofemale

    so beautiful, i loved the rhyme and pretty pictures you painted while I read this. nicely done!!!!

  • Goldfinch60

    It is amazing how loud actions can speak to you, words are not always needed to show that you care for someone.
    Good write and welcome to MPS.

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