Joseph M Marion

How do I


How does one explain what my heart tries so desperately to tell you,

How do you write words that nobody invented yet,

How do I send songs from my heart that no ones has sung yet,

How do I explain all the things that you do that I pay close attention to makes me giggle with joy,

How do I explain the very simple way you walk makes me stair infinitely at your cute little wiggle, right down to the way you fidget,

How do I explain how beautiful you are, you make all the heads turn,

How do I explain the great joy I get to watch you  dress and put on your makeup so meticulously that shows how much you care about yourself that makes me so smile giggle more,

How do I explain how much joy I feel when you sit next to me and hold my hand and kiss me, then rest your head on my shoulder and nap,

How do I explain what your touches do to me, just holding my hand send shivers through my whole body down to my toes,

How do I explain that ache  to pay such close attention to hear your heartbeat and the way you breathe,

How do I explain when you curled up on top of me sleep with you head on my chest what it does to me, at times I cry silently so precious you are to me,

Knowing where are both content and secure locked in each other's embrace,

I could not survive one night without you,

How do I explain that I love looking into your beautiful eyes they seemed to Glow, and knows all that's going on without one word,

How do I explain when you look at me and you can look right through me, I can hid nothing from you ever,

How do I explain that I know everything you do come from the greatest part of you,nobody else sees but me and how happy I am just knowing the honors all mine,

There is no way for me to explain, there are no words, there are no songs, all I have is my life to give you, I give it freely openly to you, Im sorry but i cannot give you my soul, because I sent it to you long ago, you possess this with the greatest part of you, your heart. So I know I'm safe, I know I'm where I belong, next to you standing strong, life made me this way through the battles of good and bad and understanding the truth that's made me sthis way, I hope it make you proud,

I never want to go through a day when you worry when we are out or home or away from each other and you become jealous of other women looking, I want to replace that with rockrsold trust pirde when other women that are looking at us to be jealous of you for what you have and to make you proud, knowing my love for you will never waver.

I am yours forever your man.

I do love you so


  • Candlewitch

    wow...I am in awe!!!
    well done!!!

    *hugs, Cat

    • Joseph M Marion

      Thank you so much all I read here help inspire me but non greater than life

    • psychofemale

      this was so beautiful 🙂 some one is lucky

      hope you let them read this, don't keep it to yourself and us

      • Joseph M Marion

        There are some I wrote just for her I will not publish here yes all I write she reads thank you , I love ur work to love way you write it inspires gives me thought 😃

      • Goldfinch60

        Wonderful lovelorn write Joseph.

      • Fay Slimm.

        Beautifully romantic words Joseph. A lovely read.

      • Joseph M Marion

        Thank you all writers here are all inspire me .

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