dusk arising


there used to be a wonderful poet on here
every day a new piece of her life would appear
with a way about her, she stood out from the crowd
you could certainly say she lived her life loud
exciting or mundane, happy or sad
poetically she'd tell of the day she'd had
Showing us the pain of her anorexia
seeing her specialist really depressed her
hated the thought of being fat fat fat
so made me laugh to comment on that
but sadly one day her life fell apart
she told us plainly he'd broken her heart
now we never see that lady on here
and i always look, hoping she'll reappear
she's a natural born poet, definately gifted
to see her writing again we'd all be uplifted
so if any of you poets know how to get in touch
tell her we miss her.........  very much



  • Laura🌻

    dusk arising,

    I sincerely hope she’s okay!

    Your write made me think of Antonio (AV) and his unfortunate demise!

    What made you think of her?


    • dusk arising

      Neville chose to make a comment on the original of this and i re-read my piece (something i rarely do). Moved by my own words i decided to republish.

      • Laura🌻

        Glad you did!
        Thank you for sharing.
        I hope she’ll see this and let us know she’s ok!

      • Candlewitch

        I remember reading her amazing poetry! I hope that she is well and will return to us!!! thanks for posting this!

        *hugs, Cat

      • Goldfinch60

        I had also been wondering about her recently, I do hope she is OK.
        Very fine write about a lovely lady and poet.

      • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

        Wow what a heartwarming compassionate poem encourage a fellow poetess. I do so hope she comes back coz I heard writing is therapy sometimes. Kudos for the rhyming as well.

        Pleez do review/comment my newest poem too.

      • luckykarma

        always such a hollow feeling to lose someone we haven't even met. hope all is well.

      • Laura🌻

        dusk arising,

        Just wanted you to know that RENZI messaged me yesterday! She said she’s fine! She thanks everyone for their concern! and sends her regards!


        • dusk arising

          Thank's Laura. Renzi is of course a warm and attractive personality who many grew to like here on MPS. Through her word we knew of her anorexia, I was worried for her wellbeing.
          If you are in contact please pass on my best wishes for her happiness and wellbeing.

          • Laura🌻

            I certainly will! Thank you!

            She’s a sweetheart!

          • Neville

            I dont know why I never came across this poem before now ... and a fine poem it is too and still very much applicable ....

            Thanks for the acknowledgement DA ... I had to delve deep to find summat I had not commented on before ................. N 🙂

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