Is it to late?

stop for a second

second into minutes


minutes into hours

everything stopped in time

me looking far too long into those eyes

captured by the Aqua blue eyes

from purple flowers turned into ashes

into Aqua blue drops falling upon this fire

a fire that made me feel cold towards everything


Tell me is it to late to change

Tell me is it to late to understand

Tell me is it to late to feel


One ripped page on us all

an uncompleted chapter

that no one will ever find

until it is rewritten with others ink


Is it to late to take back my words

to remove my thoughts from the stress

because this is taking me down to the abyss

the colors of darkness is filling the empty spots

the spots in my green heart


From blue to green I mess with my mind

colors changing like the paintings around me

fill me up with something new


please don't tell me

I'm still on my way

with the same ways


Don't tell me

something I already know


I am just anxious by the feeling

of having someone to lose

of having someone that break me

of having someone that can blind me


I am just depressed

by the bottles

by the stress

by the scars and by the trauma


I am just lost in my thoughts

thanks to you

thanks to us all

thanks to everything


I am just stuck in my mood swings

I am just lost in myself

I am self-destructive

so I can build myself up


not with words

but by expression

because that is my art

my painted soul


''But who am I to speak?''


''I am stuck in this tiresome nights''


''I am ticking like the clocks around me''


''I am just sad and alone even when you here''


''So don't tell me I'm stuck in my old ways''


''Am I seeking help?''


''Am I seeking something real?''


''Is probably attention from my loved ones''


Stuck by the words I created in my mind

the biggest liar is not them

but me

because the biggest liar

can lie to themselves and believe it

so give me courage for the last time

so I can stand on my feet


look in the mirror

seeing me for what I am

a sore loser

that has his special traits

being true to oneself


Blue if you only knew

half of what I knew

then death scares no one


But don't worry now

I hate that word as well

''Don't worry about it''

because is a lie to us all

so sit here with me


accept my warmth


give me a slap

to correct me


Because advice is not what I need

a little pain to snap back to reality is what I need






I need you

because you are my reality

that everything isn't bad


because you are the opposite of her


you both are my cure

but you are my closest


so stay with me for a second

even if you are mocking me


because your happiness cheers me up

so stay here blue

so I can say my

''I love you''

with a smile


  • dusk arising

    A shaggy dog story i guess.

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