Mottakeenur Rehman

A Good Man Never Lets You Forget How Much He Loves You

Though you were the sometime lover of mine

And for that very reason 

I sometimes write some pathetic lines from the wires of fire,

You're still the sun on my perfect days.

May a soothing smile always shine on your lips;

You like to smile,keep laughing.

May your chuckle oneday stretch a line

To the height of sunlight .

Or perhaps!my eyes would be sweetened with tears of cheer then!!



Once at the threshold of love story 

I thought you the ultimate goal of life 

But you put me in goal,behind the bars of solitary soul.


Dulcinea You are mistaken

I am not jealous of your fortune at heart.

I always prefer zealous to jealous rather,

Just analyze it 

And feel the feelings of amiable eyes;

Don't mind a good man will always remind you

How much you mean to him.


  • Neville

    a good poem & true

  • Michael Edwards

    great to see your pen at work again. A great read.

    • Mottakeenur Rehman

      Sir, I got a lot of inspiration ..that is still working..

    • Claudelle DeLuna

      Great poem!
      yes a sincere heart
      will not cease to speak
      & it can be reverse as well.
      Have a great Sunday poet,

    • psychofemale

      Such an intriguing write. Loved it :)

    • FineB

      Hello Mottakeenur,

      A superb write.

      Goodness and kindness in a good man is always appreciated especially in today's modern somewhat selfish world.

      Keep writing FineB

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