Love Eternal

I love you in the morning as dawn lights up the sky;

and in the dusk of evening as the sun’s last embers die.


I love you as the light of day dances across your hair;

and at the dead of night when I see you lying there.


I love you when you’re wide awake and eager in my arms;

and as you lie in deep repose I gaze upon your charms.


I love you when together and passions flare and burn;

yearn for you when apart, and long for your return.


My senses speak to me of love; sensations sharp and clear;

they’re with me even in my dreams, more so when you are near.


Smell of your hair, touch of your skin, sight of your swaying hips;

sound of your happy laughter, taste of your soft sweet lips.


I’ll love you till my dying day; fearing we’ll not meet again;

But if you know there’s life beyond, I’ll love you even then.


  • Candlewitch

    hello and welcome,

    this is a very finely crafted love poem! excellent expression of emotions!

    *hugs, Cat

  • kevin browne

    Such a sweet and warming love poem. I like the calm flow, rhythm and rhyme. Fitted well together. I'm a prolific poet who writes love poems or short stories. Keep them coming, and by your work here I'll have to keep an eye on you. Good Poet !!


    WELCOME GR ~ Thanks for your first Poem ! Lots of us ~ on this site ~ try to write Love Poems (Please check) but this is a gem. I love rhyming couplets & rhythm and your poem has both. Additionally the words are very amorous ! I share this site with my Fiancee (ANGELA) who is on a Work Exchange in New Zealand for a Year so your Poem struck a real chord ! Yours BRIAN (UK) !
    MPS functions by reading each others Poems and ~ where appropriate ~ commenting ~ OK B !

  • RebeccaRose.x

    I love this!
    It has been the best read of the night so far!

  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful write greenrunner, welcome to MPS.

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