A loving boyfriend, two loving best friends

yet all I can think about is how the pain never ends

a future husband and good grades

Yet I hide my sad eyes with dollar shades


Warm food with a roof over my head

yet I struggle to simply get out of my bed

a beautiful dog and beautiful looks

yet you won’t find my condition in any old book


behind the wall I put up for you to see

is a dysfunctional family

A family with a mother so far away

i don’t get to see her every day


Scars decorate every inch of my skin

a subtle hint to the pain I hide within

Two baby brothers miles upon miles away

someday I hope they come back to stay


fighting between everyone I know

i wonder how I have sank down so low

i barely have the energy to eat

yet you won’t see me be anything but upbeat


sad songs play around in my mind

wishing for others  to always be kind

i cry myself to sleep every night

and i curl up into a ball real tight


bad thoughts swirl around in my head

i cant even go to bed

i sit and think about all my bad luck

i was never told how much depression would suck


  • delaneynichols

    depression is different for everyone but your words are so compelling i can feel what you're going through. talented poem!

  • Halo_xx

    You really put your ideas across well. Hope every things okay. I really understand what you're going through, thanks to your well written words x

    • Sad_is_my_emotion

      Thank you very much, kindness always helps

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