Theta the scholar

One hundred thoughts before you go

 Poem of a poet trying poetry  

Theta was here, he was glad that he tried poetry for it fills him with the feeling of productivity he found out that he wants to entertain thee idea of entertaining.


  • I woke up sweating from a dream I can’t remember nor do I want to

I grab a pen and paper to what I think is my last note that is long overdue

  • But like everything else I am fatigued in the night and fall to slumber

I wake up not knowing what to do for I am lost and afraid and overencumbered

  • Life has grabbed a hold of me & I have been strangled without resistance

For at the time I did not think of the future or the meaning of my existence

  • I began to ponder again and again and began to write without a thought

Inspiration without a thought how it did it become so how was it brought?

  • It radiates from a blank page and filled me with circumstances and emotion

For this manifestation has set me and my life in motion

  • The feeling of sadness the feeling of love and at times boredom

Each one is different but is still one of my poems

  • For I write for the concept of purpose and what it means

And to entertain others is entertaining to me it seems

  • Almost in tears I sit writing my hundredth poem with nothing but the truth

Whoever is reading this I have nothing to say but thank you.



  • orchidee

    Well done on a hundred poems T.

  • Halo_xx

    Love this! Well done xx

  • Goldfinch60

    That blank page has been filled with your wonderful words Theta, may there be many more.

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