she speaks

It's time to move on she speaks

as he thinks she'll always be around

to catch him, to wait for him

now what is lost, is found


Tired of waiting she speaks softly

as he still imagines her waiting

on him

when he needs her


but when she needs him

he's no where

no where to be found


It's a never ending story

until one of the two breaks it

ends it


She stands profoundly

and proud

and says it's over


the sad part, 


he has no idea.


  • lcmcfadden


  • Goldfinch60

    Some people just do not realise when relationships do not work.
    Good emotive write.

  • orchidee

    A fine write P/F. I have no idea me self! heehee.

  • Neville

    sometimes, there is no other way... that's just the way it has to be.... nice... Neville...... I mean the poem not me... I'm not nice really.... N


    Thanks for sharing this FRIEND ~ All MEN should read it and take note ! Some MEN can be very selfish & unfeeling. They see their FEMALE Partners as someone to be there 24/7 to meet their every whim ! They give scant attention to the lady's needs ! Thank GOD some ladies do think ENOUGH is ENOUGH and just (if they can ?) walk away ! I have never been like that ~ but Im not married yet ! Yours as always BRIAN

  • psychofemale

    thank you all for commenting and reading 🙂 means the world

  • Yorelzinala

    Hilarious ending. Brilliant!

  • psychofemale

    haha thanks 🙂

  • Jon Nakapalau

    Like the form and flow.

  • psychofemale

    thanks 🙂

  • Suresh


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