Soul Ablaze


Notice of absence from LIGHT WARRIOR
I am currently working on more light hearted work after a wonderful year of change . God bless you all..


Everything is coming together with the most exquisite synchronicity

It all makes complete and perfect sense

It is what the fuck it is.. .and, what it is    

is absolutely breathtaking




I live for these moments that were once random


Forgotten again and again

So that remembering becomes miraculous

My ancient soul is ablaze with magick that I have co-created with everything I have been forced to persevere 

I have found my truth from the bottom up

Backward to forward

I have even figured out how to take complete chaos into my essence and embrace it, even though it would surely destroy any mortal man who would dare to try

But I have never felt like a man and in no lifetime have I ever really been one completely

Mortality was lifetimes ago if I ever had to live like that

Oh yes, I definitely did many many times

Life is always somewhat of a struggle, for what fun would it be to have everything handed to you would be great fun but it is not supposed to happen

I see no point in looking back

Nor can I find any reason to try and calculate my next move before making it

Going with the flow was once a fucking impossible task for me

I had no concept whatsoever of such Buddhist maneuvers when I was wasting time pretending to be a macho man

Damn, I actually did an awesome job convincing many people of whatever I decided to convince them of 

I could have been an actress but somehow I ended up becoming an exalted Master instead

I have been thrown skyclad into the winter air and left there for dead

(# Impossible)

From A to Z 

and Z to A

before I sprouted my first pubic hair

My Mother cornered me back home in Albuquerque eight years ago in a single evening that nobody present could ever forget if we tried

That is another epic story all on its own

That was the first time she and I had the chance to speak in person one on one ever

Well, there was actually once a time when she was all that I could see and now I can see her better than I could back then

The fact is that we

have spent way more time apart than together and that is a fact that may never find the time to change

To the rest of the world, the way that I feel would seem very awkward, scarier than Hell



Try being me, who has gotten used to it

She posted something on Face Book saying that she feels uncomfortable herself in her very own home, which is quite palatial actually

She is on her little kick about moving her entire family out of this country

I wont be going without bringing the family that I have found over many years living on my own

If it is Costa Rica, she can bank on it

Her concern is silly and involves her political views which she uses as warfare for the whole world to see

Trump could give a fuck less about the political views of a female semi-famous author 

I doubt the dude has ever read any fiction

Her political ranting has become her new addiction besides for her fondness of Hennesey and red wine

She will never cease to rant as long as she resides here in the United States

Her true freedom actually still awaits her

Somehow it has always been me who has had the ability to see everything flash before my eyes before they see it happen

I have always put all of them before me because the back burner was once my favorite place to keep watch and create

It is the only thing that I have ever wanted to wait forever for

The wait is finally over

I have embraced completely my entire existence

I really know how to live in the Now

So, come forward all and tell me that you wish to learn

Sounds like a perfect birthday gift for me

March 16th is right around the corner, after all...

If you bitches wanna come, then you had better bring party favors...

It is after all, the celebration of the birth of a fucking Queen....


February 3rd. 2019


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  • Published: February 3rd, 2019 18:59
  • Comment from author about the poem: I am very pleased with this came out of LITERALLY nowhere...and it is brilliant and I believe it will allow my readers to be in my real world for s minute or two or three...please read and comment
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  • Caleb.A

    Beautiful write my friend.


    Thank all of you for your kind words

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