Evergreen pastures



In her stomach the baby would kick

to keep the beating of her heart.

There was no pill to flush him out.


The stomach, above her waist was filled,

with flesh to the brim and spirit anew.

They together are one.


What kindred spirits feel flesh can’t conceive -

this now I know.

Does he share with you a dream?


Prophetic is the blank canvas, open

to the picture of the evergreen pastures.

Still it beats, still he breathes, with such ease –


resting unassured of tomorrow,

habituate in the sanctum of the womb.

And you carry on…


Back heavy with burden,

hands worn from the toil of deceit;

yet not once a second thought.


Still I follow, blind,

in the shadow of your stride; your chest up,

face painted like a reflection of the happiness we knew,


bold, stronger than yesterday;

prepared for tomorrow,

welcome to the task that is to come.


  • Netashi

    A fine write.

    • Caleb.A

      Thank you my friend.

    • orchidee

      Good write Caleb.

      • Caleb.A

        Thank you my friend.

      • Poetic Dan

        Really enjoyed this thank you

        • Caleb.A

          Glad you enjoyed my friend.

        • Neville

          another intriguing poem.. each stanza consisting of three lines and look good on the page.. you lost me once or twice but I think I got back on track .. Neville

          • Caleb.A

            Thank you my friend, I greatly appreciate your feedback.

          • Wilted

            I find comfort in this write.

            • Caleb.A

              I'm glad it served its purpose.

            • Mottakeenur Rehman


              • Caleb.A

                Thank you my friend

              • Fay Slimm.

                Expression, metre and pace make this tale of pre-birth a special read Caleb.

                • Caleb.A

                  Thank you my friend.

                • she_was_torture

                  This is cool, good job

                  • Caleb.A

                    Thanks my friend

                  • Joseph M Marion

                    Very good like it don't stop very deep

                  • Chocolate

                    This is pretty good.

                    • Caleb.A

                      Thanks my friend

                    • psychofemale

                      great words.

                      • Caleb.A

                        Thank you my friend.

                      • LIGHT WARRIOR

                        Your Imagery is very vivid here...You can definitely write brutha, and I can see hyour work getting more and more intense as you develop your skill...the onlhy way to develop it is to never hold back a single word or thought..I never do..i have written a few things that I read back on and even shocked myself at how vividly it was depicted..anyway..keep em coming

                        • Caleb.A

                          Thank you very much my friend, you are most definitely right! Keep your pen in the clasp of your writers hand!

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