to my birth father

meet the man who brought me together; who did everything you would've done but he does it better.

he works till dawn and fights all day; he makes all my demons go away. 

he keeps my feet warm and my head high, of course he's not perfect but atleast he tries.

i dont tell him enough and i know i should; i love him dearly- 

he's just misunderstood. 

he says he will always be here for me which he's proven to be true- although, 

i often quite wonder; "who is there for you?" 

i wish i had the power, drive and might that you preserve. 

i wish i could heal you and not make you hurt. 

i know you are the father and i the daughter

but i cant watch my hero be in pain any longer. 

ill try and show you what you've taught me all these years;

dont be afraid to let out your tears.

let out all the noise and demons from your head.

give me your problems, i promise itll be better,

it'll hurt a little but not forever. 

it's not a lot but its the best that i can do, i could never repay you for the sacrifices and sleepless nights youve been through.

thank you, truly. 

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