Lost in a cage



Freedom feels priceless. 

Price is freedom. 

For price breeds freedom; 

Freedom has a price. 

Price breeds insanity 

But this price cures humanity. 

Price kills humanity – 

There’s no freedom in a cage. 

It’s the price that we pay, 

The price laid down for us, 

The walls surrounding us, 

The doors enslaving us, 

The curse engraved in us. 

Be a MAN I beseech you 

A little time can only teach you. 

What’s the price of freedom now? 

I hear the trickle of every pound. 

What’s the price your prepared to pay? 

I watch the time gently drip away. 

This time can only make me 

Only I can ever break me 

Real freedom lives within 

But this space is wearing thin. 

Give me a pound, now take it away! 

I kneel, 

I tear, 

Now hear me, I pray.

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  • Netashi

    Very well written keep up the good work. FREEDOM ISN'T FREE.
    - T

  • Joseph M Marion

    Price for freedom is not ever seen in ful only talked of , only soldiers one charged filled with rage torn before his heart country and rules never to return the same it worn away to depth not seen only one that lives it knows no end very well written 😁

  • orchidee

    A fine write Caleb.

  • Goldfinch60

    Yes "Real freedom lives from within" and we need that freedom within us to keep us sane.


    ANother great work..see. they get better every time.i am going to friend request you so that we can stay better connected

  • Chocolate

    It's a pretty good piece, but I think it would have been better if you expanded more on what price and/or freedom is.

  • Mottakeenur Rehman

    Nicely done..Good read!

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