If I had to choose between

Loving you and breathing

I would use my last breath

To say I LOVE YOU.


My heart longs for you,

My soul DIES for you,

My eyes cry for you,

My EMPTY arms

Reach out

For you.


Someday you'll cry for me

Like I cried for you

Someday you'll miss me 

Like I missed you

Someday you'll need me

Like I needed you

Someday you'll love me

But I won't love you.


  • dusk arising

    Made me laugh this one. The way you turn it around in last verse is good fun. And of course, so true but.... life's bitch, then you die!

  • SerenWise

    Love this!

  • Writings From The Unknown13

    i dont know if you saw my latest poem "i fucking love you" but it seems like i gave you some inspiration? great poem

    • Shayl

      I have never seen ur poem sorry.

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