Joanna Garrido

Rider on the Storm

Rider on the storm

A rock icon was born

Tousled hair adorn

Leather trousers worn

Voice so hot and deep

Could make the angels weep

Rider on the storm


Poet of The Doors

Writer with a cause

Boy you light my fire

Oooo you take me higher

Singer with a soul

Beautiful control

Poet of The Doors


Sing among the stars

Jupiter to Mars

Light up heaven’s sky

You can never die

Though you left us 

for a high

Try to burn

the night sky

Rider on the storm.


09/02/19 JG


  • Seek

    Great tribute! Enjoyed this.

    • Joanna Garrido

      Thank you. It fits with the music of Riders on the storm but Can’t get the link to work. They always say error on My Poetic Side video bit for some unknown reason. Glad you appreciated

    • Syd

      Wow! I love this poem. I'm a massive fan of the Doors. Well written.

      - Syd

      • Joanna Garrido

        Thanks Syd. I wrote it with Riders on the Storm playing so it sort of fits to that music/rhythm.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good tribute for a wonderful group.

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