Fay Slimm






Through the thinnest of veils there exists
worlds behind and between.
Mind-tides of seeming reality, semblance
of things intentionally pale.
What is seen as experience or its effects
gells well with lateral senses.
Not dreams but live essences divined as
surreal appear half-earthly.


Creature-full ether holding
shape shifter faces
bides in every known mold
as spectres shadily
take up half-ghostly forms
calling the bold.
Un-voiced speech conveys
true harmony set
on dim dimensional planes,
awareness felt
as living force reverberates
ever with presence
of Love's non-visible beauty. 

To those who use viewing beyond things
seen as given truth reason
dictates that if unafraid to receive spirit
aid toward gaining infinity
reward appears through thinnest of veils
lying behind and between
vague walls existing to all other worlds.



  • orchidee

    Good write Fay.

  • Neville

    You just sent a shiver down my spine Fay.. although of course, my interpretation of these words so fine can be nothing but subjective .. I feel a deep connection and congratulate you on another little masterpiece ... Neville

  • dusk arising

    Reality is but an illusion! Yes I do look for something beyond my disbelief in that which is taught to us. However one has to be on their guard for there are many potholes for the gullible and many a charlatan lurks showing a light into darkened constructs of their own profit making austere realms.
    Hmmmm various churches suddenly spring to mind.

    I love the way you let your unpunctuated lines run into each other challenging your reader to set one's own meter.

    A murky mysterious read and quite enthralling.

  • Michael Edwards

    Great work - deserves another read - I will return.


    THANKS FAY ~ for caring & sharing !
    As Scientists we like to live
    In the realms of Time & Sense
    BUT ~ those realms do not explain all !

    Sometimes we need to look beyond the veil
    Into the mystical & spiritual dimension.
    Where we see ephemeral creatures and we
    Hear voices from beyond our own dimension !
    We should never be afraid to explore
    Into other dimensions ~ as we search for TRUTH

    Blessings & Love ~ BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

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