w c

Foxes Are Special

A Fox Is Special


It’s always a pleasure

To see a wily fox

In nature he’s together

With crows that caw a lot


Sometimes he has to wait

And patient he has to be

For his little prey

Under snow piled deep


And when the fox leaps

He knows his meal is there

Hiding underneath

With no escape anywhere


In the cold he dines

On his little meal

With the crows each time

Trying to get their fill


And there are times

When the foxes run and play

Until it’s hunting time

And their noses lead the way


Foxes enjoy the sunshine

With their bellies full

And spend time with their pups

Rowdy and never dull



  • kevin browne

    How excited your foxes must be. A very specifically dedicated to foxes' poem. Love your wording. Great work,

    • w c

      Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate your comment. I love those wily foxes!

    • Claudelle DeLuna

      Very Nice! WC
      💖 this nature moment captured in a poem!
      Blessings to you & yours!

      • w c

        Thanks, Claudelle! Nature is something most can appreciate. It's no secret that we can love our pets. My dogs and cats think they're still wild sometimes, and i love them for it.

      • orchidee

        A lovely write w c.

        • w c

          Thanks, orchidee. I appreciate your comment.

        • SerenWise

          Nicely written, foxes are wonderful creatures!

          • w c

            Thanks, SerenWise! Yes, foxes are very special.

          • Goldfinch60

            Very good write, foxes are beautiful creatures to see. A friend of ours used to have a fox come into their garden and lay down next to their dog and they both slept in the sunshine.

            • w c

              Foxes are really special animals. Thank God they are no longer killed to make coats.

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