Joanna Garrido

Under the Moon

As I try to sleep, your tears drop to my face

You can feel my deep pain for the whole human race

From the night sky above, your moonbeams carress

As I lay ‘neath the stars they can feel my duress  

You have seen many times the conflict of wars

The death and the suffering that such conflicts cause

You have seen the unrest, the chaos they bring

Up in your night sky, you can’t do a thing   

Your tears make a pool as they fall to the ground

As I try go to sleep without making a sound

You weep for the children whose parents are dead

You weep for the families who live in bloodshed  

You weep for the planet, toxic and grey

You weep for the slaughter where elephants lay

You weep for the Earth from your vantage above

And I go to sleep in your moonlight of love.   

JG 13/02/19



  • Goldfinch60

    Superb write. One day those tears will stop when homo sapiens learns the error of its ways.

  • Fay Slimm.

    So touching Johanna - - we have much to weep over for this earth's troubled abuse.

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