WL Schuett

Shadow of the Arrow

  • Saw the shadow of the Arrow.

Felt the gentle kiss of 

the feather.

Saw the eye of the sparrow 

as the fog of memories lift.

Stolen sunlight,

Hidden moon .

Felt the weight of melancholy 

Arc through 

the minkhole of faded dreams .


Saw the trees dance 

into the morning,

swathed in heavenly light . 

Saw their echoes bounce 

off the future .

Felt the birds remember 

the wind .

Earthen nerves,

Silent springs .

Felt the noose slide down 

from the mantle .

Into the astrodust on

the floor .


Saw the bow pulled back 

on the morning.

Felt morose as the arrow 

flew by us all .


  • Goldfinch60

    Great to see you back WL with wonderful words in this poem.

  • MendedFences27

    We all evaluate our lives at one time or another. Could we have achieved greater things? But then we realize, we are where we're supposed to be. We are all human, and thus frail. Some powerful stuff hidden in beautifully delicate words. Very nice poem. - Phil A.

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