The Star That Chose to Fall (picture drawn also by me)

You were my brightest star

A vibrant blaze of lustrous energy in a sea of flickering lights 

I was captured by your gaze 

Your benevolent nature kept me safe from the shadows and I trusted you to guide me through many of life’s journeys 

I felt safe 

You were home to me 


As my own light began to grow,

you beamed proudly over me

I was climbing the ladder to the sea of stars, 

to one day stand by your side, 

and I hoped I could shine as brightly as you


For you were my inspiration 

The one star above all others I looked up to

To me you were an everlasting, unbreakable force

My strength and mentor in life


I did not notice your vulnerability

Focused only on your wisdom and strength, 

I hadn’t caught sight of your flickering lights 

A star struggling from within to keep their light burning at its brightest 


I wasn’t prepared for your light to go out 


On the night you chose to fall from the sky,

my world came crashing down 

and I felt only darkness surround me

My sky would never look the same again,

now you had extinguished your own flame 


Your final words haunted me as I questioned myself,

and wondered how I hadn’t seen the signs

How had I not noticed those little flickers of self doubt? 

I felt abandoned in a world that no longer made sense to me 


Pain set in and my heart was eclipsed with fear, anger and guilt. 

A medley of emotions surfaced and for some time my own light faded to a dull desolate tone


I felt alone 


But with time comes much contemplation 

And I did my best to forgive myself for failing you


Today I stand with my dreams firmly held in my hands

With the intention and same vigour you once showed me 

I clasp my dreams and think of you

For you always believed in my dreams 

And I still believe in you 



For my Dad David 31/05/1948 - 31/12/2003



  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    This is a beautiful tribute LG as a dad myself I KNOW he would be proud of you and would not want you to feel guilty in any way but to be happy.
    My mum died the same day in 2005 they never leave us they are in our hearts and live on through us and our meories and your love in this poem means he will in a small way live forever...

    • LittleGift

      Thank you Andrew for your beautiful comment, I hope our loved ones are safe. I have had to face some tricky comments about my dads passing over the years. But I believe he will be in a good place. He was a very gentle natured man. Sorry you lost your mum. Our parents mean everything and I am sure she is very proud of the man you have become

      Thanks for reading and your thoughtful words of support


      • Andrew Charles Forrest

        We stand on thir shoulders
        No mtter what their faults
        Without them we are nothing
        So they deserve our love we knew not the life they endured before us
        They hae earned their peace

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      • orchidee

        A lovely write and tribute, and pic LG.

        • LittleGift

          Thanks Orchidee, it has been a nice release

          Thanks for reading and for your lovely comment


        • Michael Edwards

          Do you know IU actually had tears in my eyes reading this - so honestly and lovingle written - and so well written at that. Coupled with your picture this is a great posting. Your Dad would be so proud.

          • LittleGift

            Thank you Michael for encouraging me to draw. It felt so good creating this piece. This particular loss has always been a struggle for me to talk about. I am very proud he was my dad. I do wish I could of had more time with him. Sorry for the tears. I confess I teared up a number of times writing it. But it was good to do

            Thanks for your lovely comment


          • tepo

            Wonderful artwork
            Beautiful words
            I wrote one for my mum a while back
            Called it the key
            Took me about 16 year also
            Felt it
            You didn't fail him
            Loving tribute
            Pleasure to read

            • LittleGift

              Thank you tepo, sorry you also lost a parent. I will definitely go and read your piece as I am sure it is a beautiful tribute. Glad you liked the art work. I am getting braver. Thanks for such lovely supportive words and hope you have a good day


            • Neville

              these words collectively comprise both a beautiful tribute to your much loved and still missed Dad and as a testimony to your own love for him... it seems we share a similar loss and love... and despite being the hard man I am.. you just made me shed a tear, so ya did.... Neville

              • LittleGift

                Awe Neville sorry for the tear and for your loss. Not something I would want to have in common with someone and I feel for you. I really struggled to to accept how he passed. Writing it is a good release

                Thank you for reading it and for your heartfelt comment


                • Neville

                  yes.. under any other circumstances, I would say my pleasure... but it just doesn't feel right... Neville

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                • Fay Slimm

                  An unforgettable read and a heart-tugging tribute to a much loved Dad who will never be far from your needs dear L.G. because Love is forever. This well crafted piece will go into my favourites to read again and agan.

                  • LittleGift

                    Thank Fay for your sweet comment and the save too. So pleased you liked it. He is always in my heart

                  • Angela1711

                    What a heart wrenching tribute. Beautifully done x

                    • LittleGift

                      Thanks Angela he is always missed x

                    • sylviasearcher

                      A beautiful tribute to the love which is no doubt a lasting legacy and testament to your dad.

                      Words help us heal, help us come to an understanding we need to keep on.

                      Beautiful artwork x

                      • LittleGift

                        Thanks for the truly beautiful comment, he was very much well loved. Writing has certainly been my best councillor

                        Thanks for reading this today


                      • ANGELA & BRIAN

                        THANKS LG : Awesome Picture & Poem ! YES in my experience writing about GRIEF & LOSS is always painful : but always cathartic ! Your DAD sounds wonderful : and because you loved & cherished Him while he was alive : You see Him as your GUIDING STAR ! Brian & I are fortunate : MY PAPA is 60 and still working : He really is my inspiration ! However because of what you have written (and the pain of your loss) I will tell PAPA I love Him every day. BRIAN loves His Dad (who is 65) and He goes home to His Mum & Dad for his lunch every SUNDAY : AMEN. I speak to my MUM & DAD on SKYPE every day while Im in NEW ZEALAND !
                        Praying for you ~ Love in the Spirit
                        ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡

                        • LittleGift

                          Thank you so much Angela for this amazing comment, you are a very kind soul. I cherish my mum every day, We never know what’s round the corner. In a moment life can take a sudden turn. So I take no one and nothing in my life for granted. It’s lovely you are living your adventure and feeling the thrills of life in Newzeland. I am certain your dad must be immensely proud of you and of Brian too. Despite the distance you are both so strong. I am sure you both will have a very happy long lasting future ahead of you. Keep living and loving each other and all the memories will be beautiful. So glad you liked my poem and I hope you and Brian have a great time together in Newzeland when he jets off to visit you

                          LG xx

                        • Claudelle DeLuna

                          Great tribute to your father!
                          Love your Art it is beautiful,
                          just like your soul 💖

                          • LittleGift

                            Claudelle, thanks so much for your gorgeous comment and for the save too :) you are lovely x

                          • Goldfinch60

                            Such a wonderful write, your Dad WILL be proud of you as he is still looking over you.

                            • LittleGift

                              Thanks Goldfinch60, I like to think he is about. Thanks for your lovely words and for reading my poem for him

                              LG :)

                            • Suresh

                              Those who love us, guide us, are our safety wheels on the bicycle, knowing one day we will be without those wheels, but forever live in our memories

                              • LittleGift

                                Suresh, that is such a beautiful comment and so true. Thank you ever so much for this today. Thanks for reading my tribute

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