I hate it, i despise it...
The other kids on the classroom,
all on podiums looking down at me.
Like a beggar in the street,
Carrying what I hate around me.


Pushed around all day, only if 
something could make it all go 
away. Laughter and shouting directed 
at me. Makes my day a million times 
worse than it could already be.


I come into school with glares
watching over me, like I'm the laughing-
stock that can't escape the torture,
pain, guilt and eventually I'm free.
I'll someday leave this world behind...


I go to the head-master's office and 
open my jaw, he already knows what I'm
going to say. I hand in my resignation
and walk away...


  • Goldfinch60

    Such a true write in this day and age, from what I have seen teachers are no longer treated with respect and so many are giving up their calling because of it.
    Welcome to MPS.

    • Mason

      Thank you :) I write a lot of pieces in which depict how some aspects of the world aren't truly recognized, and i want to make some parts more clear by making twists in my pieces. You only find out the individual is the teacher which gives it more meaning.

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