One day i see us as one

But not of late sorrowfully

When all is said and done

We will come together in unity


  When we join hand in hand

In accord amity in one

With none excluded unlike beforehand

For everyone not some


 Standing as a single voice

When all is done

On this day we all should rejoice

We all will become one




    WELCOME ZHE3 ~ Thanks for your first Poem ! It reminds me of JOAN BAEZ !

    We shall overcome ~ We shall overcome
    We shall overcome someday
    Deep in my HEART I do believe
    We shall overcome someday
    We shall live in PEACE .................. !

    Your poem is writen in Hope that one Day we will all be one like Martin Luther Kings dream and the songs of Bob Dillon and Joan Baez etc in the 60s ! I wasnt born until 1983 (Angela 1988) but their message (as does yours) echoes down time. Joan is 78 now but still singing the same lines ! The reality is that there will always be Wars & Rumours of Wars and that MANKIND wants to separate rather than UNITE. Lok at the divisions in the USA due to TRUMP and his Wall and the UK separating fromor Europe (BREXIT) and the break up of the Soviet Union (USSR) at the end of the 20th C etc etc.
    However ~ despite all this ~ I believe we should all strive & pray for Community ~ National & Global Peace ! If I had any CHILDREN (Angela is my Fiancee) I would strive & pray even harder. What will the World be like in 2100 ?
    Thanks for caring ~ Please check our site
    Yours through Poetry ~ BRIAN & ANGELA

  • Goldfinch60

    Yes I have been waiting for that day for a very long time, may it come soon.
    Welcome to MPS.

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